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Cosmetics & Beauty Expo Osong, Korea 2017

12 ~ 16 September 2017 (5Days)
KTX Osong Station

서브 비주얼 이미지

Participants Guide

Registration Procedure

신청 절차 및 방법

Early Registration Incentives

Early Registration Incentives
Classification Period Incentives
Consecutive Participations ~ Dec. 31, 2016 40% discount of booth price
1st Advanced Registration Jan. 1 ~ Feb. 28, 2017 30% discount of booth price
2nd Advanced Registration Mar. 1 ~ Apr. 30, 2017 20% discount of booth price
3rd Advanced Registration May 1 ~ Jun. 30, 2017 10% discount of booth price
General Registration Jul. 1 ~ Aug. 31, 2017 N/A

Registration Fee and Booth Information

Registration Fee and Booth Information
Booth Type Price (VAT not included) Space Offers
Space Only KRW 1,000,000 (VAT not included) 3m×3m=9㎡
  • Only booth space offered
  • Exhibitors responsible for set up and booth construction
Built-in KRW 1,300,000 (VAT not included) 3m×3m=9㎡
  • Built with aluminum frames
  • Signboard: Company name (both Korean and English), Booth Number
  • Furniture: Information desk + 1 set of chairs
  • Lights: 3 Spotlights, 1 fluorescent light
  • Electricity: 1kw
    ※ The draft plan and offers above are subject to change.

Facilities Use Fees

Facilities Use Fees
Items Unit Price Included
Electricity (Daytime) 1kw 50,000won Single Phase (220V), Three-Phase (380V)
Phone line 30,000won Domestic calls only
Internet line 70,000won Installation and Internet service fee

※ Built-in Booth offers 1kw of electricity free of charge, however, Space Only Booth doesn’t provide electricity and a separate application is required to use electricity.

Payment, Due Dates, and Cancellation fees

Payment and Due Dates

Payment and Due Dates
Payment Payment Due
Deposit (50% of Total Booth Price) Within a week after the approval of application
Balance (50% of Total Booth Price + Facility costs) Within a month(30days) after the approval of application

Wire Transfer Info. : NongHyup 301-0168-2354-11 (Account Holder Name: Osong Bio Promotion Foundation)

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation Fee
Cancellation Fee Cancellation Period
50% of Registration Fee (50% Refunded) Before June 30, 2017
80% of Registration Fee (20% Refunded) July. 1, 2017 ~ July. 31, 2017
100% of Registration Fee (No Refund) After Aug. 1, 2017