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Terms of Use


Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Terms of Use is to define the basic rules related in usage and management of all services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) 
including the website, e-mail, and personal webpage provided by the Osong Bio Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”).
Article 2 (Definition)
The Definitions for vocabulary used in this Terms of Use shall be as follows.

1. A “Member” is defined as a person who has entered into the Service Use Agreement with the Foundation, provided personal information (Real Name 
Confirmation), registered as a member, and received a member ID.
2. “ID” is defined as a combination of characters and numbers chosen by a member and approved by the Foundation in order to identify said member 
and enable use the Services.
3. “Password” is defined as a combination of characters and numbers set by the member.
4. “User” is defined as a person who uses the Services pursuant to this Terms of Use.
5. “Administrator” is defined as a person who has been selected by the Service Provider in order to manage and operate the Services seamlessly.
6. “Termination” (Withdrawal) is defined as discontinuation of the Service Use Agreement by the Foundation or by a member.

Article 3 (Entering into Force and Modifying)

① This Terms of Use shall be entered into force by posting on the Foundation website or other means of notification.
② If deemed necessary by the Foundation, this Terms of Use shall be subject to change and the same shall apply as previously described above in 
clause 1 in case of any modification to the Terms of Use.
③ When a member fails to express agreement with a modification to the Terms of Use, the Foundation can request a withdrawal of membership. If a 
member has continuously used the Services after the effective date of a modification to the Terms of Use, it is deemed that the member has agreed 
to the modified Terms of Use.

Article 4 (Applicable Provisions) 
For the matters not specified by this Agreement, the 「Framework Act on Telecommunications」, 「Telecommunications Business Act」, 「Regulation of 
Korea Internet Safety Commission」, and other provisions or related laws may apply.


Article 5 (Establishment of Service Use Agreement)
An agreement for the use of Services shall become valid upon the Foundation giving its consent after an Application Form has been officially submitted 
by a user desiring membership, and once that user has consented to the Terms of Use.
Article 6 (Application for Use of Services)
A user can apply for the use of Services by filling out the online application form prescribed by the Foundation.
Article 7 (Approval of Application to Use Services)
   ① An application can be approved when a member correctly fills out all information on the application form.
   ② In any of the following events, the Foundation may withhold approval of application form until such issue is resolved.
1. In the event there are no spares in Services related facilities
2. In the event there is any technical interference
3. In the event it is recognized as required by the Foundation
   ③ If any of the following apply, the Foundation may not approve the membership.
1. In the event the application form has been filled out with an incorrect or false name
2. In the event the name of someone else has been used to apply
3. In the event the user information has been falsely stated
4. In the event the application form has been filled out with ill intent, or to cause disruption to the social well-being and general norm
5. In the event the application form otherwise fails to satisfy the requirements for application for use as set forth by the Foundation

Article 8 (Changes to Personal Information)
Members may at any time inspect and modify their personal information through the ‘Management of Personal Information’ menu. In case of any changes 
to the member’s information, it is the sole responsibility of the member to update his/her information. The member shall bear the consequences, if any, 
which may arise due to the member’s failure to update his/her information.


Article 9 (Obligations of the Foundation)
① The Foundation shall have the obligation to make continued efforts to provide service in a continuous and stable manner in accordance with the 
relevant laws and matters set forth under this Terms of Use.
② At the occurrence of expressed opinions or complaints from a member, The Foundation shall immediately treat it in principle when it is deemed 
justified. However, if such opinions or complaints require a certain amount of time for response or resolution, the Foundation shall inform the members 
about the reason and provide a time frame in which it will be addressed.
③ The Foundation shall have the obligation to protect the members' personal information in accordance with the 「Act on Protection of Personal 
Information Maintained by Public Agencies」 and provide the technical and managerial measures to protect the personal information of the members.
④ The Foundation shall immediately delete all applicable personal information after it has served the purpose of data collection or having provided 
the personal information, provided that, Any of the following cases shall be treated as exceptional.
1. There exists the necessity to preserve it under relevant laws.
2. When the period of possession is announced to the user or expressed in advance.
3. When an agreement is made by the user individually.
⑤ The Foundation shall collect its members’ information according to the information provided at the time of joining the membership or at the time 
of applying for the Services use. The personal information of members shall be used only for the purpose of complying with this Service Use Agreement 
and providing the services under the agreement. 
⑥ The Foundation shall not share or distribute the personal information of its members to a
third party without their consent. However, this shall not apply in the case where a national agency requests it pursuant to the provisions of laws 
such as the 「Framework Act on Telecommunications」, if required for purpose of criminal investigation, or per request in accordance with legal procedure.
Article 10 (Obligations of Members)
① No member shall commit any act described below in connection with Use of the Services Agreement:
1. Use the ID of another member;
2. Copy or publish information obtained from the Services, or provide it to third party;
3. Infringe on the Foundation copyright, third party copyright, or other rights;
4. Distribute contents that violate public order and social norms;
5. Commit any act that objectively appears to be related to a crime;
6. Transmit vulgar, obscene, abusive, or aggressive content that may infringe on someone else’s privacy or distribute, notify, or post the above 
mentioned content through electronic mail or by any other means; 
7. Disguise the source of contents obtained from the Services;
8. Collect or preserve someone else’s personal information;
9. Violate cultural customs and other public orders;
10. Attempt to hack a computer or system, or spread a computer virus; 
11. Distribute advertising information continuously without the consent of others;
12. Act in any manner to disrupt the continuity of Services or considered; or
13. Act in any way that may violate relevant laws and regulations.
② The member may not conduct sales activity using the Services provided by the Foundation. If a member is in violation of this provision, the violating 
member shall be held responsible for their actions.
③ The right to use of the Services or the position on the agreement for use may not be transferred or given to another person, and may not be provided 
as security.
④ The member shall be responsible for logging out of the website after using the Services. The Foundation shall not be responsible for any losses 
incurred due to failure to logout.
⑤ In the event an ID is known the member to have been used illegally, the member must notify the Foundation of such fact immediately.
⑥ The member shall observe the provisions specified by this Agreement, user's guide, or instruction manual.


Article 11 (Provision of Information)
① The Foundation may send information to members via email or SMS(Short Messaging Service sent by electronic devices) if the information is deemed 
useful for the members to use the Services.
② The members may refuse to receive such information if they so desire.
Article 12 (Management and Deletion of Postings by Members)
The Foundation may delete without prior notice the posting registered or posted by a member when it is deemed to be acting in any of the following ways.
1. Defaming other members or third party, or dishonoring them by slander, etc.
2. Violating public order and traditional custom
3. Being deemed to be in connection with a criminal act
4. Infringing on the copyright of the Foundation or third party, and any other rights
5. Posting pornography on his/her own homepage and the bulletin board or providing a link to pornographic site
6. Violating any other relevant regulations

Article 13 (Copyrights to Posted Content)
The copyright to the post in the Service posted by a member belongs to the member. The members may not conduct commercial activities in processing or 
selling the information using the Services provided by the Foundation.

Article 14 (Service Hour)

The Service shall be available 24 hours a day for 365 days a year unless there are operational or technical issues, or if the Services is unavailable 
due to general maintenance, etc.

Article 15 (Responsibility of Services Use)
The members may not conduct business activities such as selling products using the Services, especially through hacking, providing pornographic sites, 
posting money-making advertisements, etc., and distributing illegal software programs. The Foundation shall not be liable for the results of business 
activities, losses, and punishment by the related authorities or other legal actions that may arise as a result of the members’ failure to comply with 
the above provisions.

Article 16 (Suspension of Provision of the Services)
① The Foundation may suspend the provision of Services if any of the following situations occur:
1. If unavoidable, due to repair or other works involving the facilities for the Services;
2. When the key communication service provider authorized under the Electric Communication Related Act stopped the electric communication service;
3. Owing to a system check; or
4. Any other uncontrollable reason.
② The Foundation may restrict or suspend the provision of certain or all of the Services if there are difficulties in normal utilization of the Services 
due to national emergency, electric power failure, technical difficulties, or massive use of the Services.

Article 17 (Use of E-mail Service)

① In the event that a member has failed to log in for a long time or whose e-mail storage has been filled with unauthorized spam mails or neglected, 
the Foundation shall implement the management policy for dormant accounts in order to reduce a waste of storage capacity.
② The Foundation may restrict the members use of the website if such member has, for a continuous period of six months or longer, failed to log onto 
the website. If a member has failed to log in over one year, all information of such member shall be deleted and the member shall be responsible for the 
losses of such information.

Article 18 (Termination and Restriction of Use)
① When a member intends to terminate the Service Use Agreement, the member shall apply to terminate the membership personally through the ‘membership 
information’ window and the Foundation shall process the withdrawal after verifying the member’s identity.
② If a member commits any of the following acts, the Foundation may, without prior notice to such member, terminate the Service Use Agreement or suspend 
use of the Services and is not responsible for any ill effects arising from the said actions.
1. In the event that the member has stolen or made fraudulent use of another person’s ID and/or Password
2. In the event that the member has intentionally interrupted the service operation
3. In the event that the member has falsely applied for the Use of Services
4. In the event that the same member has registered with another ID for overlapping registration
5. In the event that the member distributed content disruptive to public order or social norms
6. In the event that the member has committed an act that harms the reputation of another person or is otherwise detrimental to another person
7. In the event that the Use of Services is planned or executed for the purpose to interfere with national interest or social interest
8. In the event that the member transmits large volumes of information or information of advertising nature in order to interfere with stable operation 
of the Services.
9. In the event that the member spreads a computer virus program that may cause malfunction of the information/communication equipment and facilities, 
or loss of information.
10. In the event that the member violates copyright of the Foundation or intellectual property of other members or third parties
11. In the event that the member has used of another person’s personal information, ID, and/or Password
12. In the event that the member is subject to a remedial order issued by the Korea Internet Safety Commission or any other outside organization, or the 
member is subject to an interpretive ruling of the Election Management Committee regarding an illegal election campaign
13. In the event that the member posts pornographic content on the bulletin board or provides a link to a pornographic website
14. In the event that the member has violated any other relevant rules including this Terms of Use

Article 19 (Exemption Clause)
① The Foundation shall not be liable for the information and materials obtained by the member using the Services.
② The Foundation shall not be liable for the reliability and accuracy of the information, data, or facts posted by members on the Services.
③ The Foundation shall be exempt from responsibility for provision of the Services if such inability to provide the Services is due to a natural disaster 
or a force of nature equivalent thereto.
④ The Foundation shall not be liable for loss arising as a result of the key communication service provider having ceased providing service or is unable 
to provide the electric communication service. 
⑤ The Foundation shall not be liable for the loss arising from unavoidable causes such as an urgent system check, extension and replacement, repair, 
or construction.
⑥ The Foundation shall not be held liable if another member is the cause for the occurrence of disorder in the use of the Services.
⑦ The Foundation shall not be held liable for any situation in which the member conducts transactions of goods or money through the Services between 
the members or with third party. Also, the Foundation shall not be responsible for any psychological damages incurred by other members in the course of 
using Services.

Article 20 (Court of Jurisdiction)

Any lawsuit filed in connection with a dispute arising from the use of the Services shall be subject to a jurisdiction in the district court of the 
Foundation's address.

Supplementary Provision

This Terms and Use takes effect on April 7, 2015.