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Privacy Policy

Osong Bio Foundation (hereinafter referred as the "Foundation") has the following  policy to protect the personal information provided by the 
information body and to flawlessly and promptly  process the grievance of individual information provided by the related information body in 
accordance with the 「Individual Information Act」.
Unless otherwise specified, this Policy shall be applied to all websites operated by the Foundation.

Personal Information Protection for Website Users
 ○ Personal Information Collected and Stored Automatically

* When you use the Foundation website, the following information will be collected and stored automatically.
- The domain of your internet server and the URL of the website you visited to get our website.
- The type of browser and OS you use
- The date and time of your visit
* The above information, which is subject to automatic collection and storage, will only be used for the purpose of statistical analysis to improve 
and ensure security of our websites and to facilitate the communication between users and the website administrators in order to provide you with better 
services. However, please note that such information may be submitted to another party in some cases in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

 ○ Information Collected through E-mails and Web Forms
* Users can express their intentions via mail or phone or electronically through online e-forms. Provided below are further details to be aware of.
- The information you post on the website can be viewed or read by other individuals.
- The information you post on the website may be shared with other individuals based on the relevant laws and regulations and be used as materials 
in the implementation of the relevant laws and regulations or the development of policies.
- Also, such information may be provided to other departments if necessary.

 ○ Use of the Collected Personal Information and Provision of such Information to a Third Party
 * The Foundation shall not share or distribute the information to a third party or use it for commercial purposes without the consent of the information 
 provider. However, this is not applicable in the following cases.
- Where it is required by authority for the investigative purpose in accordance with relevant laws.
- Where it is necessary for statistic report, academic research or market research, but provided information is unintelligible for identifying an individual.
- Where it is required by the procedure set forth under the relevant laws and regulations.

 ○ Purpose of Use for Collected Personal Information

* The Foundation clearly states how it uses personal information when collecting such information. The collected personal information is used for the 
following purposes.
- Name, ID and password are used to provide personal identification services to the website users
- E-mail address, home address and phone number are used for communication purposes such as making announcements, delivering notices, checking user’s 
intentions and receiving feedback.

 ○ Security Measures of the Website
* In order to ensure security and uninterrupted services, the Foundation monitors network traffic and operates several programs that can detect unlawful 
activities such as attempts to change information illegally. If there is your personal information in the content you posted on the website, you may only 
re-post it after removing the personal information.  

※ "Personal information" refers to information about a living person, which includes identifiable information, such as the person's name, social security 
number and face (also included is the type of information that is not identifying in itself, but could help identify the person when combined with other 

 ○ Technical Measure for Protection of Personal Information

* The Foundation takes the following technical measures to prevent loss, leakage, falsification, or destruction of personal information and to secure the 
safety of its member's personal information. Information such as social security numbers and passwords which need to be secured will be safely stored on the 
system configured as a firewall system. Also, the Foundation uses vaccine programs to protect its system from computer viruses and the vaccine programs are 
updated periodically to prevent the damage, misuse, or theft of personal information. The Foundation employs the ‘intrusion detection system’ 24 hours a day 
to prevent hacking from external networks. The Foundation makes every effort to protect your personal information. A cryptographic algorithm is used for storing 
and transmitting the collected data, and the collected personal information is stored on the secure server. Although the Foundation makes technical and 
managerial efforts for protection of personal information, you should avoid specifying sensitive information that would be a problem at a time of infringement.

 ○ Links to other URLs and Web Pages

* When you visit other websites and web pages by clicking the links and banners on the websites operated by the Foundation, make sure to check the personal 
information policy of the website you visit since the policies differ according to website providers.

 ○ Obtaining Personal Information of Others While Using the Website
* You may not obtain personal information such as e-mail addresses from the websites operated by the Foundation. Those who view or are provided with such 
information through illegal methods may be subject to punishment in accordance with the relevant laws and provisions.

 ○ To Seek Assistance or Report an Invasion of Personal Information

* A personal information provider, who seeks assistance in resolving a personal information infringement, may contact the Personal Information Dispute 
Meditation Committee or Personal Information Infringement Report Center of KISA for counseling or resolution of dispute.
In the event that there is a need to file a report or seek legal counseling regarding other personal information infringements, inquiries should be made 
to the following institutions.

Personal Information Dispute Meditation Committee: +82-118
Personal Information Infringement Report Center: +82-118
Cyber Crime Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutor Office: +82-2-3480-3573
Cyber Terror Responsive Center of National Police Agency: +82-1566-0112

 ○ Officer Assigned to Protect Personal Information

In case of concerns for potential leak of personal information or violation of the rights of an information provider, please contact us.

Personal Information Protection Officer (Foundation)
Name: Hanseong Choi
Phone No: +82-43-220-4518 / Fax No: +82-43-220-4519 
E-mail: moolbool01@gmail.com 

This Privacy Policy (Personal Information Policy) takes effect on April 7, 2015.